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Another week flies by--

Well, last Thursday we left for a long weeked in Palm Springs. Paulie F. was staying at Vic and Dave's house, so we pretty much hung out with him all weekend. Went to Rick's for lunch, then over to look at Paulie's new investment condo, shown to us by his gravelly-voiced dyke realtor Lana. I love her. She looks like Susan Hawk and sounds like Brenda Vaccaro. Back to the pool, then out to Costco. Costco, you say? You go all the way to Palm Springs and go to Costco? Well, they have different things in Palm Springs....

After shopping a bit, we hit The Olive Garden for dinner. It was a chain kind of evening. Back home, and I stayed in and did crossword puzzles while Paulie and Steve went out to the bars.

Saturday we went to Sherman's Deli for brunch--home of the humongous chopped liver omelet, which I did not get. Then over to the Chaps Inn, to swim in their pool and meet new people. Then, home for disco naps, and over to Tony and Bill's. They took us to a decent Mexican place. Afterward they went home and crashed (they were working all day on their new guesthouse) and Steve, Paulie and I went to the Barracks for a bit. Got bored, went home.

Sunday we ate breakfast, then went to Rick's for second breakfast with our friend John and his date. Well, actually we met them there, and they were at a table for four, and there were five, so we three sat at the counter and waved at them. Then Steve and I hit the road for Agoura Hills and John and Frank.

We just sat around and ate snacks and yakked all afternoon, while Frank prepared dinner in his collection of Pyrex cookware:

The menu included Rootbeer Sweet Potatoes, which were nummy. After dinner we watched Glass Bottom Boat. Monday morning, breakfast, then over to the local market for the coveted Chock Full Of Nuts coffee that I haven't been able to find in San Francisco. I got three cans. The Madonna Inn for lunch, then home.

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