Jack (qbear) wrote,

Lazy Weekend

The weather has been beautiful this last week--sunny and mild during the days, although a bit chilly at night. But not like winter at all. We're forecast to get rain again in the middle of next week, but until then I'm basking in the sunshine.

Friday evening our friend Rich came over. He's a realtor/loan agent, and he's working with us on refinancing our mortgage. It's a good time to do it. We went to the Village Grill to eat, mainly to check out the dinner menu. Not overly large, but they had some nice specials, and the food was tasty. We all got pie for dessert (key lime--yum), then went back to the house to go over our loan forms. After that, some soaking in our newly-repaired hot tub.

Saturday we got up nice and early. Steve made a lovely omelet for breakfast while I showered. We then headed down the peninsula to Homo Depot to get some new dish gardens for the back yard. We also picked up some new motion-activated lights for the back. The ones we have now have the luminosity of an arc-welding torch, so when you go out in the yard at night it's like being in a police lineup. I think something softer and more mellow will be nicer.

After our shopping foray, we had lunch at a Vietnamese noodle place, then back home for long naps. Watched the new AbFab in New York episode--in which we finally get to meet Serge, Edina's elusive son. While watching we munched on a big salad Steve made. Then Steve went to his study to finish his Unix homework and I watched two episodes of "Upstairs Downstairs" from the whole-series DVD set. I've always loved the show, and when we saw it on sale at CostCo over Thanksgiving, I couldn't resist. Last night I dreamt I was living in the old church rectory I lived in for a year in 1982, and Hudson was the manager. He inexplicably moved all my possessions out of my room so another guy could move in, and refused to tell me where they were.

Today I'm in the mood for coffee and some kind of sweet roll, so we'll have to go out in a bit. This evening we're having dinner with the former owners of our house. They only live a mile or so away, and we've kept up a friendship with them. Don and Betty are interesting people--Don's a retired financier and Betty is a realtor. They travel extensively, and recently have started a business designing and marketing board games. Now, Steve and I both love playing board games, so we're going over tonight to test-drive a few of D&B's new creations.
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