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Cats are very sensitive to environment and routines, and any changes are a little traumatic. But they soon adapt. I'm like a cat in that way. I have my routines, and tend to resist change, but I adapt pretty well.

Our household employment situation is changing. Steve (rootbeer1) has worked for Virgin America for over six years now, and loves his job and company. As you may have heard, VA is being purchased by Alaska Air and will no longer exist within a few months to a year. There are several options for Steve, but Alaska doesn't offer the scheduling flexibility he has now, so he will either accept whatever severance is offered, or possible transfer down to Palm Springs. He'll lose seniority, but his schedule can be more normal, as we live 10 minutes from the airport. At any rate, we'll survive.

It's still very early yet, but I may be coming out of retirement. It will change my routine, and certainly Steve's and Moochie's, but like all cats, we'll adapt.
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