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Welsh Rarebit

Wednesday evening after work we drove down to SFO to pick up Jerry and Martin, two friends from Wales whom we know from chatting online. It's always fun to meet cyber-friends in person, but these guys were especially nice. They started right in with the wisecracks. We knew we'd get along great.

Neither had ever been to San Francisco or even California before, so we took the long way around the Embarcadero to their hotel in Fisherman's Wharf. As soon as we got to their room they presented us with a beautiful steel and brass miner's lamp, an apron covered with the Welsh anthem, and a box of clotted cream fudge. How sweet is that? (the guys, not the fudge, thought it is very sugary and nice). They insisted that we pop out for a pint, so we did.

Thursday we met up after work and drove down to Eric's for dinner. Steve and I got our usual Shanghai Chicken and Walnut Prawns. You just can't get a bad meal there, and we only had to wait five minutes or so. After that, back to our place for after-dinner drinks and chat, which we did for several hours. Steve brought the boys back to their hotel.

Friday we met in the Castro after work, and went to Bear Lush after work. It was Martin's 50th birthday, and also Jeff Glover's. Philip had called us the day before inviting us to a secret surprise party for Jeff at their place, so we all wished Jeff a happy birthday as he chatted away obliviously. John S. was supposed to keep him at the bar until the guests could assemble at the house. The plan worked perfectly--Jeff was truly surprised.

We had powerful Cosmos made by Philip (he's such a good bartender) and lots of party food. It was great, not too big, and Martin and Jerry got to meet a lot of our SF friends. Then, we all grabbed cabs to the Lone Star. There we drank even more (well, I switched to water). Also there were LJers fuzzygruf and his hubby Steve, iberianbear, and sinnabor, whom we met and hugged for the very first time in person. It was a mellow crowd, except for a pushing incident out front where someone's head hit the sidewalk and the paramedics had to be summoned. Ah, well, the perils of too much demon rum. We left at midnight, late for us.

Today we're picking up the boys and going to Muir Woods and various other sightseeing venues. They fly out tonight for Florida. Next time out here they're staying with us!
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