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Today has been very productive, and it's not even 2:00 yet. I awoke at 8 and got the oven going to 400 degrees. Cut up 5 pounds of short ribs, drizzled oil, salt and pepper on them, and threw them in the oven to brown for 20 minutes or so. Cut up a big onion, some celery and carrots, and placed them in the crock pot with whole garlic cloves, thyme, and bay leaves. Added the browned meat, a cup of red wine, and beef broth to almost cover. Eight hours later dinner will be ready.

Then on to my phone calls. Since retiring on September 8th, I've been trying to straighten out our health insurance. I opted to continue our coverage under COBRA, as it actually turned out to be cheaper than ACA plans. But although the medical provider was updated as of October 1, our prescription coverage was not. I had nine prescriptions waiting with no reimbursement, which would have cost over $1000/month. So I got on the horn and finally got it resolved. Just got back from Walgreen's and they actually owed me $45 (I had paid full price for one of my BP meds, which I had run out of).

I then called the Palm Springs Refuse Collectors to ask why the bulk pickup I ordered last week didn't happen this morning. Just as I was navigating the robotic phone tree, the truck pulled up and removed the two toilets from the end of our driveway. We arranged them artfully, but I really didn't want them there long-term. We replaced both of them with low-flow models, the kind with push buttons for number one and number two. Hopefully we'll see a difference in our water bill, and we're doing our part to conserve water in this drought condition.

Oh, and I also made homemade butter pecan ice cream, sweetened with stevia. We have a guest tonight for dinner, so we thoughts we'd go all out. The meal is very lo-carb--short ribs with gravy, cauliflower mash, roasted Brussels sprouts, and the ice cream.

Now time for my nap.
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