Jack (qbear) wrote,

Age : 48
BoyfriendPartner: Steve. Been together for 9 years
Chore you hate : Taking out the garbage
Dad's name : Alfred
Essential make up item : Qtips
Favorite actress : Sigourney Weaver
Gold or silver : Used to be gold, now silver
Hometown : Cohoes, NY
Instruments you play : guitar, keyboard, recorder
Job title : Tech Lead/System Architect
Kids : who, me?
Living arrangements : House on the hill with rootbeer1
Mom's Name : Martha
Number of people you've slept with : Slept with? In the same bed? One, actually
Overnight hospital stays : never
Phobia : arachniphobia
Quote you like : "I do have my standards. They're low, but I have them."
Rude habit you have : pulling on my beard
Siblings : One sister, three brothers, plus seldom-seen half brother and never-seen half sister
Time you wake up : 6:00.
Unique habit : Pulling my tshirt up over my head and singing "Dominique" like a nun
Vegetable you refuse to eat : Canned peas
Worst habit : whining
X:rays you've had : teeth, knee, MRI on my lower back
Yummy food you make : Jambalaya, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese
Zodiac Sign : Leo
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