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Biting the apple

I was never a fan of Apple computer products. My profession as a programmer/software engineer always involved Windows PC and servers, and Unix boxes. Apple computers were in my view toylike, catering to the non-technical crowd. But I really resented the arrogant advertising Apple did, implying their products were so much better, hip and cool. Of course, they were way more expensive too.

Then I got my first iPod, as a birthday gift from my husband. It was a 20GB model, and he preloaded it with romantic music. My first Apple. And I loved it. Brought it with me everywhere. Listened to it every day at work. My only complaint was that it wasn't big enough to hold all the music i wanted with me. So I upgraded to a 160GM model, which I still have and use almost every day. It's loaded will virtually all my music, audio books, and a lot of my favorite movies and TV shows. Whenever I travel I can be assured of not being bored.

Ah, the slippery slope. In 2009, after our crappy Motorola Razr phones started to die, we needed to upgrade quickly. We both got iPhones - 3GS. After years of hating my phone and seldom even turning it on, I had a new best friend. It was a computer in my pocket! Last year we upgraded to iPhone 5. Still our constant companions, and tools that make our lives easier to manage, and help us communicate much more with our friends and family. And play Words With Friends.

So now, in the interest of furthering my skills as a software engineer and developer, I have purchased my first actual Apple computer. Since OSX is basically a Unix flavor, I'll be very comfortable with going under the hood. It's a Mac Mini, Intel dual quad-core i7s, 16GB memory, 1TB hard drive. Should be sufficient for now. It arrives tomorrow, will take up very little space on my techno-crowded desktop, and can share the monitor with my existing desktop PC. Objective C, here I come!
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