Jack (qbear) wrote,

Weekend Update

So far very relaxing. Actually I took Thursday and Friday off, as I was reaching my max vacation time and needed to use it or lose it. Drove out Thursday to visit our dear friends Reid (animbear) and Richard (redbeardedblond) in San Clemente. Went to Curry House for lunch for the first time---I'm in love with it. Japanese curry, so incredibly delicious. Then to a huge Japanese supermarket, where we got amongst other delights Miso Easy, miso paste you can squirt into a cup of chicken broth for instant miso soup. Back to the house to watch numerous videos on the boys' fabulous 3D TV, then out for burgers, then back and to sleep. Next day, off to the Lego store. I bought an awesome toy that I've been coveting for quite a while---will post pics when it's all assembled. Mongolian BBQ for lunch, then we tearfully parted and drove home, with promises from R&R to visit soon.

Lazy day today, with pool and spa time, beanie weenie for dinner, and a Big Bang Theory marathon. Tomorrow--dinner with our other dear and fabulous friends John and Frank (sunbeam_bears). We are geeks and proud of it!
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