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Remember me?

I know, I know---it's been a while since I've actually posted, but I read Live Journal every day and comment quite often. I want to start posting more, as lots of old friends are returning to LJ from Facebook or Twitter or other venues. I'm on Facebook too, but it's just not the same, and I miss a lot of posts there because they come and go so quickly.

Things are going well with Steve (rootbeer1) and me. We've officially changed our residence to Palm Springs, and I'm living and working here full time. Steve is still working in San Francisco, but his schedule allows him to work 5 long days, then have 9 days off, so he's down here as much as possible. He's been using some of his time off to coordinate prepping our house for rental. To date we have redone 2 of the 3 bathrooms, painted, made repairs and replaced all the carpeting, as well as cleaned up the landscaping and disposed of all the leftover furniture. We still have a few carloads of stuff in the carage, but that will be gone in time for our new tenants.

We've hired a great property manager. The rental market in SF is extremely tight right now, so we already have several potential tenants in the works, and should be renting within the next few weeks. Then we can recover some of the upgrade costs and do a few projects around the PS house.

We've had lots of houseguests this spring, for vacations, the Coachella music festival, and a couple of overnights by friends passing through. We've been spending time with our friends here too, and look forward to even more quality time. We have several family visits coming up, including my 16-year old grand niece Mandy in August. She will be the first member of my family to visit since we moved to California 15 years ago. Steve's family, on the other hand, are here all the time. His brother David and wife Andrea will be here in the fall, but they live the closest to us (in Tuscon) so we see them the most often.

I've found a great new primary care physician in Palm Springs, looking for an ophthamologist and dentist, am registered to vote here, joined the gym, so pretty much all settled in. Loving the warmth and sunshine and relaxed pace, and the proximity of so many good friends.
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