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Time for an update

Things have been rather steady lately. My boss at work left the company around two months ago, but our group has been chugging along as usual. Last week our SVP (my former bosses' boss) announced her resignation. So there will be some changes. I'm in the process of getting approved to telecommute full time, so I hope it doesn't mess that up! Looking forward to going to Palm Springs on Monday and staying for four weeks, working three and taking the last week as vacation to go to Disneyland with Steve's (rootbeer1 )family.

Speaking of Steve, he's flourishing at Virgin America. He got tickets to attend the grand opening of Terminal 2 at SFO, where he'll be relocating next week. We drove down with our friends Dave and Cal and checked it out. No free snacks, but the terminal was nice. They had a few performance stages set up with dancers, choral groups, etc. One group, the International Orange Chorus, was especially nice, performing the kind of pieces I used to sing when I was a member of various academic and community choral groups.

After a while, Dave, Cal and I left Steve to start his work shift and head home. As we were riding the moving sidewalk out of the terminal towards the AirTrain to get back to our car, the Orange Chorus had moved to the passageway and was singing Victoria's O Magnum Mysterium, a piece from the classic early music polyphonic repertoire that I've sung and listened to countless times. As we glided past the chorus, I joined in with my clear tenor. The singers smiled at me, pleased that I appreciated their efforts and knew the piece. It was a special moment.

O Magnum Mysterium, Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611)

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