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Tax Fail

After about 20 years of using TurboTax, we are hiring a human tax preparer this year. Because of the increasing complexities of having to file as married in the state of California, but single for the Federal forms, plus buying another property in 2010, and shuffling stocks to effect said purchase, and my state pension beginning---well, it's all too complex for my little brain. And TurboTax admits they aren't supporting same-sex married/domestic-partnered filings, and recommend an outside preparer.

So about a month ago I made an appoinment with H&R Block in the Castro office. The website recommended an agent who had extensive experience with same-sex married/domestic-partnered filings. Our appointment was for this morning (March 25) at 10:00AM. We were in Palm Springs the last two weeks, and I even received a call 2 days ago reminding me of our appointment. We drove back up to San Francisco yesterday to attend the appointment, lugging all our forms and records with us.

This is the review I posted on Yelp after our encounter:

Epic fail.  My husband and I drove 500 miles from our vacation home to make a 10:00AM appointment with Robert McHugh.  Arrived 10 minutes early.  At 10:05 nothing was happening, so we asked the receptionist what the delay was.  She passed a note to Mr. McHugh with no response--he was still with his clients.  At 10:10 I walked over to his cube and interrupted, saying we were on a tight schedule (both of us needed to get back to work).  He just looked up at me, then turned back to his clients.  Five minutes later he dismissed his clients and came over to us.  "Are you domestic partners?" he asked.  "Yes, and we're legally married,"  I replied.  He said "We have a problem."  He escorted us to his cube and said he couldn't take our account--they were swamped and behind and he was overcomitted.  I asked why we weren't notified of this in the two weeks since I made the appointment, and he just shrugged.  In a way I'm glad, because I wouldn't trust someone so disorganized and poor at communication to do my taxes anyway.  I asked if there were any other agents available today.  "Do you own property?" he asked.  I replied yes, we own two homes together.  He said that the only agent that was available wasn't experienced in property issues, so we were out of luck.  No referral to another office. No offer to help us find another agent.  Just an "I don't care, I'm overworked and can't deal" attitude.  I got his manager's name and plan to complain to the branch and to the national firm about the totally piss-poor service we got (or didn't get--they did nothing at all.)

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with Liberty Tax Services. Sheesh!!!
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