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I'm feeling pretty happy today. I had my INR blood draw this morning, then an appointment with my doctor. It's all good news---lungs are clear, heart is fine (as always), coumadin level is theraputic. I've been experiencing some pain and swelling in my right leg, but my doctor said this was perfectly normal and would take some time to heal. In the meantime, elevation and Tylenol are working; it actually feels pretty good today, and I've been walking quite a bit.

My doctor was very pleased with my weight loss, and best of all gave me the go-ahead to go to Palm Springs tomorrow for a couple of weeks--sun, relaxation and Thanksgiving with friends. I can do my labs less than a mile from our house, and I'm at a very nice theraputic level, so I'm safe. He shook my hand at least five times, and when I left he gave me a big hug. He's the best doctor I've ever had--not only professionally, but also the way he truly cares about me and all his patients.

I was originally referred to him by sweet Gary (fuzzygruf), who also has been his patient a long time. He's now Steve's (rootbeer1) primary too. His name is Gary Feldman MD, here in SF, and I've been his patient for about 10 years now, and will never have another primary care physician if I can help it (hopefully we can convince him to retire to Palm Springs!). He has a practice with two very fine nurse practitioners and a full staff, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

So tomorrow we're off (with frequent stops to stretch!) to the desert. I'll telecommute the rest of this week, then have all of the next week off to relax and cook and visit. We're having an old-fashioned New England Thanksgiving dinner hosted by our dear friends John and Frank (sunbeam_bears) , Ray (profkampf) is staying with us, Tim (timmmmbar) and Peter (peterinoakland) will be in town, as well as the friends who already live there like Curtis (drscott) and Paul (excessor). I'm so ready for a festive holiday. I may even cheat a teensy bit on the diet, but so far being very faithful to the 1500 calorie limit.

This on rereading is almost sickeningly sweet and Pollyanna-ish, but dang it, I'm finally feeling like my old self a bit. And I'm not even on Vicodin!!!
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