Jack (qbear) wrote,

She'll be comin' round the mountain

Steve's mom Billie Sue arrived Tuesday--I came home from work around 4:30 and found her and my sister-in-law Andrea sitting in the living room. I had forgotten we gave David and Andrea keys to our house, so I was a little bit surprised. But glad they didn't have to sit out in the car.

I got to meet Baby, Billie's Yorkshire terrier. She's a little mop of a dog, extremely subservient. Her favorite posture is lying on her back in total subjection, waiting for you to rub her belly. She should have been named Blanche Devereaux.

Andrea brought over lasagna and salad, which we ate when Steve and David got home from work. We then just chatted and caught up. Mom's been basically staying in all day, playing Solitare on Steve's computer and watching TV. Last night David wanted to take her to a baseball game, but she opted to stay in and watch JAG, her favorite show (she's an ex-military wife). We, on the other hand, had plans to meet up with Tom (trwheaton) and Frank, visiting from Boston, for dinner. The guys are really great--I'm hoping we can spend more time with them this weekend. We ended up conecting with quite a few other LJ'ers; a full account is here in Steve's (rootbeer1) journal.

Today, Mom, David and Andrea are off to Napa; Steve's at the gym and I'm babysitting both my weekend jobs at work and Blanche...er, Baby.
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