Jack (qbear) wrote,

Coming home tomorrow!

Woohoo! things are progressing well, and I learned to inject myself with one blood thinner while the other one comes up to full strength. In less than an hour I'll be off the Heparin pump...whee! I can wee without dragging an IV tower behind me!

My highest complements to all the staff here at California Pacific Medical Center--everyone has been so comforting, informative and attentive, and without exception just plain sweet. Even the food isn't half bad.

Many thanks again to all who sent good thoughts, prayers, messages, cards, and who visited my room and endured the spectacle of me sitting on the bed clad only in underpants and wires and tubes (the room was really hot). It was great to see you all.

And of course the highest praise to my loving husband, who has stayed in the room with me and been jolted awake each night by my many vitals checks, blood draws, and peepee runs. True love!

First thing I'm doing when I get home is taking a long, long shower.
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