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Progress report

First off, many thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the good wishes, thoughts and prayers you've all been sending my way. I'm incredibly cheered by them, and so thankful for my many blessings, most important of which is the love and support of my family, friends and caregivers.

As a recap, I saw my doctor on Monday after getting very winded just making the bed that morning. He examined me, and since my heart was A-OK he sent me to the nearby CPMC ER so they could run some tests. Long story short, they found pulmonary embolisms (blood clots) in both lungs. Serious if left unattended, but very treatable with anti-coagulants to help the body naturally absorb the clots. But it takes several days (like 4-6) for the meds to reach the proper levels, and they need to monitor all that, so I'm in a lovely room with a panoramic view from the Golden Gate Bridge to the ocean, cooling my heels till I can go home and start the oral meds. PEs aren't uncommon, and usually caused by long period of sitting, like on a plane or a long car ride. We suspect possible one of the 8-hour drives to and from Palm Springs. So kiddies, on a long drive stop often and literally stretch your legs!

This is my first hospitalization and emotionally I've been feeling kind of low, even though everything is under control. Steve spent the day with me in the room, and as he was leaving around 9 PM I broke down a little. He left and I settled in for bed, reading something or other on my phone. Anoint an hour later Steve comes back in the room with a bag of his stuff--he brought the car home and had his BFF Carl from work, who is a major sweetheart, drive him back so he could spend the night with me in the room.

For all the conservative twats out there who oppose gay marriage, this is what it's about--love and support, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health. We said those vows and we meant them. When this is over, I may get on my soapbox and tell all the people who have seen us get married over and over on TV (cause we are stock footage) that this is the reality of marriage, no matter the sex of the spouses.

Here's the view from my bed:

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