Jack (qbear) wrote,

I am a baNAna

Went to The Animation Show at the Castro Theater this evening with John (keanubear) and Greg. It was good--lots of Don Hertzfeldt and Mike Judge, as they were the producers. Vic and Dave were tentatively going to join us, but decided not to. Afterwords we went to the Cove, as John and Greg hadn't eaten. I had a bowl of their famous tomato soup for the first time. I admit it's really great---thick, almost cheesy, with a nice dill undertone. It's like a sauce--actually, I got a grilled cheddar sandwich to dunk in it. Steve had bread pudding with whipped cream. It's a last fling before Steve's mom arrives tomorrow afternoon. His brother and sister-in-law are picking her up at the airport and bringing lasagna and salad over for dinner. Mom requested we pick up the following for her:

Chunky peanut butter
One dozen eggs
A loaf of Orowheat Health Nut Bread

Huh??? Maybe she's planning a new casserole for us......
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