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Weekend Update

While bringing in the garbage cans yesterday morning, I pulled something in my back. Hurts like hell, left hip and down the leg, but I can still walk around a bit. I took half a Vicodin and floated through the afternoon, waking up from my nap in time to get ready to go out to dinner with the visiting Tim (martini_tim), soon-to-be-local Erik (erik415) and the local Donovan (bigreddee). We went to All Seasons Sushi in the Castro and had a great time, all talking nonstop at once as we consumed raw fish and rice at an alarming rate. It was so nice to spend time will all the guys and catch up.

Came home, set the clocks ahead, and watched Project Runway on TiVo. This morning I drove Steve (rootbeer1) into work so I could have the car for the day. I need to do some shopping, and want to go to the gym and soak my sore back in the jacuzzi for an hour or two.

I'm getting tired of Facebook. It's confusing, the interface changes constantly, and it's a pain to keep up with. I don't think I'll cancel my account, just not check it anymore. I do read Live Journal every single day.

I've been playing Words With Friends on my iPhone a lot--it's really addictive if you like Scrabble. Plus there's a chat feature. I'm qbear on it if you want to play.

I'm starting on a controlled nutrition program to lose hundreds of pounds. I've met with the dietician already and am on the pre-diet. Lost 6 lbs. this week. I meet with him this Thursday, with the program MD the following week, and start on the shakes and bars in April. It's a safe, medically-supervised program through UCSF that's worked really well for some friends, including the awe-inspiring John (keanubear).

That is all.
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