Jack (qbear) wrote,

What I Did On My Weekend

Friday Ray (profkampf) swept into town. Steve (rootbeer1) picked him up at the BART station (he railed in from the Oakland Airport), and we hung out and caught up before heading down to the Castro. After shopping a bit (we found some fabulous hats for Halloween) we met Kevin (simonbear) and Jeff at Starbuck's before walking over to the Crepevine for dinner. My back has been acting up, so I took Muni home while the boys walked around the Castro some more.

Saturday bright and early we drove to Oakland to get mani/pedis with the usual crowd. It was a continuation of the Tim (timmmmbar) birthday festival, and there was a great turnout. Then we went to brunch at Buttercup, where they gave us our own room. We watched women's gymnasitics as we ate. We split up and Steve and I went to the gym where I gave my back a good soaking in the jacuzzi. In the evening my back was still achy so I stayed in while Steve attended Paul (excessor) and Curtis' (dr_scott) cocktail party.

Sunday Ray, Steve and I met Kevin and Jeff at the new Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio. It was far larger than we expected, and really just spectacular. All our Disney fan friends must see it. Steve and I became members on the spot, so we can go for free now.

Tonight, The Amazing Race and The Next Iron Chef. And back to work tomorrow.
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