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Honey, I had a little accident with the car...

So Steve (rootbeer1) picked me up after work and we drove to the gym. I had a massage appointment at 6:00, so the plan was I would leave the gym at 5:30 and drive to my massage and Steve would take Muni home. So far so good. I left the gym and started to back out of the parking space in the garage, being careful of the concrete column on my left. As I turned to look over my shoulder, some hoochie on her cell phone appeared walking right behind the car. I instincively cut the wheel to avoid her and BAM!--I hit the column.

The driver side mirror flew off and skittered across the garage. I got out and saw a biggish crumple at the front joint of the drivers door. The hoochie kept on walking. A kind fellow parker retrieved my mirror.

When I got to my massage therapist's place I reached down to examine the broken mirror and cut my thumb and index finger. Small wounds, but blood everywhere. My massage guy gave me band aids. The massage was great, but when I got home I took a Xanax.

Tomorrow we find out what the damages are going to cost us. Seeing as the car is 6 years old, maybe it's time for an upgrade anyway.
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